27. Februar 2011

Frank Lorber - recorded 14.01. @ Trilogy, Dubai by cocoonclub

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Frank Lorber

Seine ersten Gehversuche bestritt Lorber 1991, als er im damaligen Gießener Szene-Club GonzoDelirium in Frankfurt, einem Plattenladen, wo er bekannte DJs wie Väth kennenlernte, der ihm dann später ein Engagement im Omen als Resident DJ verschaffte. mit grade mal 16 Jahren seine DJ-Karriere begann. Zeitgleich arbeitete er im

Ab 1992 legte Lorber als Resident DJ im Omen auf, wo er sich üblicherweise den Samstagabend mit DJ Dag teilte. 1993 folgte dann auch gleich das erste Auslandsengagement auf den Fuße im UK Club in London. Im Jahre 1994 wurde Lorber erstmalig für die Clubnight tätig und machte ferner Radiosendungen für Kiss FM. Noch im gleichen Jahr begannen die ersten eigenen Produktionen in Zusammenarbeit mit Pascal FEOS auf dem eigenen Label Explizit Records. 1996 begann seine Kooperation mit Jörg Henze, deren Ergebnis unter dem Namen „Electronic Homeentertainment“ auf Delirium Records veröffentlicht wurde.

Zusammen mit Toni Rios begründete er 1997 Attention Records, ein eher kleines Label für eigene Produktionen. Gemeinsam treten die beiden unter dem Pseudonym Lobby Lobster & Tony Montana in der Clublandschaft auf.

2003 gründete Lorber sein Label Nummer Schallplatten.

Frank Lorber - recorded 14.01. @ Trilogy, Dubai by cocoonclub

Homepage: www.myspace.com/franklorber

24. Februar 2011

- greetZz'n beatZz -

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LukasMoH - 2011 by Braunstowner

09:11 :Andrea Ferlin, Alessio Mereu, Dum - All Over Your Face (Original Mix)
09:17 : Alessio Mereu - Pandemy - Original Mix
09:21 : Andre Walter& Chris Hope - Psycho Love Kit (Tonkberlin Remix)
09:23 : Anthony Collins & Tolga Fidan - La Cadence - Original Mix
09:28 : Leland Mcwilliams - Cold Blooded (Danny Serrano)
09:32 : Ron Ractive - Blue Eyes - Original Mix
09:39 : 03. Shinedoe - Ritmo Sumbreeze (Original Mix)
09:42 : Guido Schneider meets Jens Bond - Eijeijei
09:48 : robert hood floorplan - funky souls
09:50 : Luca Agnelli - Desire (Original Mix) Digital Only
09:53 : Maik Loewen - Dint
09:56 : Chris Rockz - Ribissel (Cubic Egg Mnml Mix)
09:58 : Derek Marin - While She Sleeps (Adam Collins Wake Up Mix)
10:01 : Alessio Mereu - Pandemy - Original Mix
10:03 :Paul Ritch - The Lick
10:06 : Jean Claude Ades - Vallée De Larmes (Pleasurekraft )
10:08 : Shinedoe - Ritmo Sumbreeze (Original Mix)
10:11 : Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts 1 (Original Mix)
10:13 : Andreas Henneberg & Simon² - Taiga Wutz
10:15 : Channel X - Rodeo
10:17 : Moodymanc - Melanchronic (Soul Minority Mix)
10:20 : Toktok - 12:34 PM (Smash TV Remix)

8. Februar 2011

Marc Romboy B2B Stephan Bodzin - Systematic - LIVE - Sessions - 06-02-2011

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Marc Romboy
Mr. Marc Romboy knows what's up! Being in the music biz for over a decade, co-founding and building up internationally respected dance-music labels and projects, Marc never got tired of coming up with fresh and innovative ideas in order to push the limits of electronic sounds.

Out of the dungeons of Moenchengladbach, Germany the thirty-something pulls the strings and makes things happen. His recent and most successful move definitely was to give birth to the already well established electro/house imprint Systematic (3) in 2004 in Berlin which is a platform for his own productions as well as for hot and upcoming talents. Electronic house music with a certain breakdance appeal, reminiscent of old school Chicago dance floor insanity is Romboy's true passion, when it comes to deejaying, producing and making decisions as the Systematic commander!

So far for the label he has collaborated with such high profiled artists as Booka Shade or Blake Baxterand signed tracks and mixes from producers like Martin Landsky, John Dahlbäck, Phonique, Jence orAbysm.

After only a couple of releases Romboy already managed to put his own stamp on the international club scene as a label-manager and a producer and surely he'll do the same as a DJ too.
... nothing can stop this Teutonic boogie machine

6. Februar 2011

Marco Carola - Essential Mix sat - 02-05-2011

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Marco Carola
is the recognized global ambassador of Italian techno.
It's a position he treats with the utmost care and respect—and one that stands him among the hallowed company of contemporary techno's leading practitioners.
Hailing from Napoli in the south of the country,
Marco was among a small group of DJs and promoters who quite literally built the city's scene from scratch back in the early-'90s.
In 1995's First Planet EP he became the first Neopolitan artist to commit techno to vinyl,
paving the way for an entire generation of producers.
These days Marco is a mainstay of Richie Hawtin's Minus and Plus 8 labels, who,
much like Marco himself, are one of the driving forces behind techno's permeation of the worldwide dance scene.
Napoli, 1993, and the enduring flame of the Italo house sound had begun to smolder.
The young DJ Marco Carola had at this point been spinning house music for a number of years— but as commercial club music began to assert a stranglehold over Italy, and the
hopelessly insular media of the country's north continues to shun the south,
a change is afoot.Fuelled by a groundswell of local DJs, clubbers and promoters; visits from DJs like Richie Hawtin and Jeff Mills; and Napoli's long held propensity for underground music, the
city's techno scene enters into its embryonic stage.

Marco along with friends Davide Squillace, Gaetano Parisio, Danilo Vigorito, Rino Cerrone and Random Noize are at the vanguard of this early movement, and with no one outside of the city to take cues from, the
Neopolitan scene becomes a force unto itself.
If they're doing their job properly every DJ will have a calling card, and as Marco puts it, he was "born" with a three-deck style of mixing. This fast and furious approach also lent itself to use of a sampler,
which would later provide the grounding for Marco's work as a producer. By 1995 he had amassed a considerable body of music, but with no indigenous
labels to put-out his creations, Marco was forced to take matters into his own hands. Design Music was set up with a humble aim: for people to experience the music of Marco Carola. But as sales on its initial release,
First Planet, entered into the tens of thousands
and Sven Vath became an ardent early supporter, it was clear Design, and by extension Carola, were set for far bigger things.
Aiding this ascent was Marco's concise approach to the release of music.
The remainder of the '90s saw him establish the Zenit, Question and One Thousand labels—all with a clear musical aim, and, in the case of the latter, a defined number of releases.
In 1998 he relocated to Frankfurt in order to further his advancement in the burgeoning techno scene. This new home base unlocked myriad opportunities for him to export his now famous three-deck style to clubs across the globe, although by 2001 he was already seeking a
fresh challenge and thusly moved on to the electronic music stronghold of London.
In retrospect the year proved to be pivotal. Marco released his second album,
Open System (following on from 1998's The 1000 Collection),
to widespread critical acclaim.
Key German publication Groove deemed its multifarious,
texturally rich approach to broken beats, techno and electronica worthy of their album of the year accolade.
Renewal: for a 20-year veteran such as Marco, shedding your creative skin and following your instincts are fundamental means of remaining relevant.

4. Februar 2011

Joel Mull LINK one year anniversary presents Joel Mull @ The Electric Pickle Company (Miami,US) - 2010-06-04

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Receiving his first synthesizer at the age of six, Joel has begun his long and successful music career by taking piano lessons soon after. From the age of ten to sixteen, Joel attended Music School in Stockholm, using most of his time playing keyboards and singing in numerous capacities. Joel got into electronic music via Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode. As it is the case with many of the today`s dance music luminaries, his early musical explorations gave him a solid base upon which he would... read more @ comment below !

- MoHnsum - minimal - techhouse - LukasMoH -

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1. Februar 2011

One Night Alone with Karotte @ Harry Klein (Munich/ger) - 2008-06-27

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Frankfurt, Germany
Great Stuff, Kosmo Music
Here today, gone tomorrow.
A phrase truly befitting the modern club scene.
Because the dance hit of today can quickly become the long forgotten melody of yesterday.

The name of the artist of the moment is permanently blasted on the radio,
shown TV and omnipresent in every musically related magazine, in other words,
simply everywhere. One starts to wonder: Where does this guy come from?
How come I haven`t heard of him before? And first and foremost: Does he even know how to...

Joseph Capriati Caserta, Italy CL Recordings, Drumcode, Therapy

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Joseph Capriati,
begins to approach the world of dj-ing in 1998 at the age of 11 with the passion for hip hop and classic house.
From 1999 to 2004 he performs in some clubs in south Italy and supports
various international dj's growing musically and converted to music that will transform him totally: the techno!
In 2005,
begins his interest in the music production,
the desire to create their own music and to play it.
He began to learn the use of music-programms in a recording studio of...

"BaTaNgAaaBoom" 137:53 min by LukasMoH

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