8. Juli 2011



Tracklist SoFaSession_Deluxe: …or you can download...

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 09:18 AM PDT

Tracklist SoFaSession_Deluxe:
…or you can download SoFaSession_Deluxe Mixset in 320kbs/mp3!!!

1.Jürgen Paape - Ofterschwang
2.The Field - The More I Do (Thomas Fehlmann Mix)
3.mauro alpha - tool 1 (basti grub rmx)
4.Lemos - Jo the Monster (Agaric Remix)
5.Boola - Thirstduub (w/ Demos)
6.Jerome Sydenham - Systematic Dub
7.Claro Intelecto - Hunt You Down
8.Gotye - Heart´s A Mess (Supermayer Remix)
9.jens zimmermann - x11
10.Jonas Kopp - Ojos Cerrados
11.Boola - Thirstduub (w/ Demos)
12.Bang Goes - Der Plan
13.Minilogue - Mr Mustafa A
14.Patrick Zigon -Saida (Original Mix)
15.Argenis Brito - Imminent
16.Claro Intelecto - Hunt You Down
17.Ozgur Can -Kimiya (Paul Thomas & Sonny Wharton's Pilgrimage To Brixton Remix)
18.gregor tresher - escape to amsterdam
19.promo - la bodeguita
20.merveille & cahn-speyer - tribute
21.moritz piske - dirt cabana
22.mulder - nice one
23.daniel steinberg - bailando
24.gregor tresher - a thousand nights (patrick zigon remix)
25.Luna City Express - Seven
26.Audio Werner - Audio Werner - Dito (Original Mix)
27.Alex Niggemann - Alex Niggemann - El Hechizo (Original Mix)
28.Santos - Santos - Hold Home (Original Mix)
29.TV Rock feat Rudy - TV Rock feat Rudy - In The Air (Axwell Remix)
30.Sandy Rivera and Andy Daniell - Sandy Rivera and Andy Daniell - Whatever (Andy Daniell remix)
31.Dance Disorder - Dance Disorder - My Time (Radio Slave's After The After Remix)
32.Steve Angello & AN21 - Steve Angello & AN21 - Flonko (Version 1)
34.jens zimmermann - x12
35.Dub Rider - Radical Majik
36.Magitman - Yeahhh (Original Mix)
37.gavin herlihy - train dodging
38.gavin herlihy - underneath the wind machine
39.Mathew Jonson - Walking On The Hands That Follow Me
40.Henry Cullen - Fucking with My Mind
41.Mike Wall Vs Oliver Markreich & The Bastards - Sol (Franco Bianco Remix)
42.Tim Track - Floating Facts (Hertz Remix)
43.Tube & Berger - Gene Code (Nicolas Stefans What Do You Expect From Life mix)
44.Guy Gerber - Timing (Original Mix)
45.Rene Reinert - Assembly Lights
46.John Tejada - The End of it All
47.moritz piske - dirt cabana
48.Pachanga Boys - Fiesta Forever

lickypickysticky: It’s a kind of magic…

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 05:20 AM PDT


It's a kind of magic…

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